Friday, February 17, 2017

Through the Eyes of a Future Educator

Seniors at our school have the honor and opportunity to participate in a semester of community service. They are given different opportunities to take a look at including student aides in urban elementary schools. My senior daughter recently wrote this journal post regarding her experience on the first week of her placement.

I suggested she keep this post as a reminder in college when things get tough. I also thought it was a great reminder to those of us that have been doing this a while. Do you remember why you went into education? Do you still experience that thrill? Read her post below:

As I walked through the hallway a girl ran up to me and exclaimed “I want her to be mine!” and I just so happened to actually be hers. As soon as I met my kids they immediately attached themselves to me. The love and care they showed to me in the first 30 minutes I arrived was more love than some of the high school relationships i’ve endured for a total of four years.
    Everyday I walk in the classroom they all jump out of their seats and tackle me with hugs. To feel wanted and needed as soon as you enter a room is something to be cherished. As I look around the classroom I have begun to try and figure out what kind of homes these sweet precious souls come from. It hurts my heart to see ones who have clearly not bathed and don’t have clothes that fit right- seemingly, those kids are the ones that cling to me the most. To not be able to do anything but love on them for an hour hurts my heart because I wish I could do so much more.
    I struggled recently in trying to figure out if I wanted to be a designer or a elementary school teacher. But as I enter the classroom every other day and am immediately covered by laughing children exclaiming, “WE MISSED YOU!” I have no doubt about what I am called to do. I am called to teach these minds that are so eager to learn and love. And I feel honored to have been called to such a redeeming career. Everyday I leave my class in a better mood than I came.

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