Thursday, February 9, 2017

Rocketbook Wave Reusable Notebooks: Educational Purposes?

My friend Greg Bagby has been sharing his Rocketbook Wave reusable notebook with others and quite honestly it is mind-blowing. Yesterday I received mine in the mail and this short video is me using it for the first time:

So here are the questions I have for educators:

  • Do you see this being something that would have value if added to a supply list for students?
  • shows different options and costs for this product idea. Is this a cost effective use of technology?
  • How can you see this being integrated into curriculum?
  • The developer says this is a perfect blend of "paper and pen" with cloud-based backups. Do you see this as a helpful thing for yourself or students?
  • Should schools look into this in terms of caretakers of our earth, sustainability, and resourcefulness?