Monday, February 13, 2017

Creative Writing with Art Prompts in WWW.STORYBIRD.COM has been around for a long while. It is a great free website that allows students to practice their creative writing skills by making chapter books, picture books, or poems. The students can look through oodles of artwork and choose some they like to spur their creative writing juices. It's a great way to help students hone their creativity and did I mention, it is free!

Teachers can set up an account, create student usernames and passwords of their choice (or not) and monitor and/or grade the work of their students. But what I really like about Storybird now is that teachers can create "assignments" within their account for their students to do. By doing this, teachers can create a path to the creative writing. Perhaps a teacher finds artwork that supports something the students are learning about in science, or maybe their is artwork of a certain artist that a teacher would rather not be an option. By creating assignments, a teacher has more control over what the students are doing in Storybird.

In the past, I've had students spend way too long looking for "just the right artwork," because lets face it...there is some beautiful stuff on this site to look at. By creating assignments, a teacher can set some boundaries that allows for creativity within limits. Also, much like the awesome app SeeSaw Learning Journal, teachers can share student work with parents with a private code so they can see it as well. I'm a fan of these features!

See my video below of and the assignment feature: