Friday, January 24, 2014

Preparation Apps

I've spent the last month researching preparation apps...having a shared set of iPads sometimes limits which apps will work for an ongoing project. If students in a class use Tellagami (for instance), and don't quite finish their project and then I take the iPads to my next class to do a Tellagami project, the first project has to be deleted to do the next project...ongoing tasks are not an option for many preparation apps. So I have been researching which apps allow me to carry on, which apps give me a significant amount of time to share my content, which apps have a "sign in" for creations, which apps are free to do this and which cost money.

In my perfect world, I would like to give my students free reign to use the medium of their choice when doing presentations and just grade via a rubric. This concept allows for student creativity and sparks their natural interests. This is not always an option though. Below is a link to a spreadsheet of apps I have used regarding presentations and some helpful information regarding those apps. Have one you want to add? Go ahead!

List of Preparation Apps