Friday, June 14, 2013

The Struggle Is Real- Equipping Teachers for 1:1 byod

This is the presentation I did in May for some of the middle school teachers to help them have ideas on how to manage the devices in the classroom.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ideas for Back to School Professional Development

Offer different classes that last 15 minutes each, each teacher must pick 6 they are interested in going to. Maybe at the end, regroup and give out door prizes to teachers that have 6 different presenters sign off on their workbook page or something?

Possible things to present:
Twitter as professional development
Classroom management with BYOT environment
Poll everywhere
Using PDF annotators
Creating folders in google drive
Intro to Evernote and creating notebooks in Evernote
Flipping classrooms
Blended learning

Have different teachers teach the above but don\'t require more than one time so that they can also participate. You don\'t want your best tech savvy teachers not to be a part of learning as well.
Things to think about:
Who can we get to teach the above?
Any other things should be on the list?
Have presenters create any handouts or presentations into a google drive folder
I will create QR codes to place outside classroom doors so teachers can access the info for that presentation as they enter
Include some type of curriculum based presentations as well? I.e.- apps that are well liked and used for different subject areas. (Or do this the second half of day?)
Allow upper and lower to participate in this?
Use outside sources to teach some of these things?
Teachers decide what they want to take on the fly or make them sign up for presentations on a google document so we can plan for enough seating?