Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Leveraging Google Sites for Educational Purposes

Over the past few years I have created Google sites for our students as a way to give them access to curated websites or information during research projects. I have created QR Codes that students can scan to get to these resources and we have also created tabs on our school sets of Chromebooks so students will have direct access to these resources when needed.

I also use Google Sites as a way to share information with teachers.  Our lower school technology team created a Google site with quick troubleshooting tips and resources. The opportunities are limitless but to be honest Google Sites were not that aesthetically pleasing in the past, you had to work hard to make your sites look like a "real" website. But all that has changed! I can't wait to utilize the new Google sites (it's been around for a few months) and see what it can do for us.

Looking for how-to's? Watch the video below: