Friday, January 11, 2013

The Role of the Technology Teacher in a 1:1 Elementary Classroom

The role of a technology teacher in an elementary teacher has always been "vague." There has never been a elementary "license" for a technology teacher. My background is a Business Education license 8-12th grade. The vagueness of my job has actually allowed me to be very creative in what I teach to my elementary students.

 For the last nine years we have focused on keyboarding at every grade level that I teach, but I also have thrown in technology life skills that the students will use for the rest of their lives. Over the years, I have pushed teaching Microsoft Office to the older grades. I have also taught the students about being safe and smart on the Internet. They have learned how to do research on the Internet. We've played games that helped both their keyboarding skills and their language art/writing skills. We've worked on math facts. I've let them see the inside of a computer and had Mr. Ibach tell them how everything works. Over the years we've done many things to incorporate learning and technology. I've loved my job because it has been so flexible in what I can teach in order to meet the state standards for technology.

A new day is dawning here at school! Starting Monday, this teacher will have a rolling cart of 30 iPads. It's the closest thing to splendiferous that this teacher has felt about teaching. My opportunities are both exciting and scary. Stay tuned for more details as this teacher starts pushing a 3500 lb iPad cart across pea gravel in the playground to get to other buildings. I can't begin to imagine all the fun stories I am going to have...but if you see me coming, watch your toes!