Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Day Plans of The Wandering iPad Cart

Well, tomorrow the iPad cart makes it debut in the elementary school. Since all the apps I plan to use are not updated on the iPads yet, I am a weeeeeee (read big) bit nervous about tomorrow. I plan on heading in EARLY tomorrow to get all set up... Here is the plan keeping two things in mind:
 A) the iPads don't have cases yet so I don't want them moving in the hands of the students much yet.
 B) the headsets have not been delivered yet, so I am limited on noise level issues for this first week.

Fifth grade:
They will learn how to access previous files on Google Drive App to finish up a project. Secondly, they will do some research on African animals using a couple of free apps (see below) and then create a Popplet with the information they have learned. They will end the lesson by taking a screen shot of their Popplet page and uploading it as a photo into their Google drive. I'm interested to see how much time this actually takes.

Fourth grade and Second grade:
I will be letting them use Story Lines for Schools app. I'm pretty excited about this app because it allows the students to collaborate with each other, move around the room, use written and artistic skills to express themselves.

Third grade:
These students will start using the iPads to access information for their Egypt project. I had a hard time finding free apps that will give them the information they need so we will be accessing encyclopedia apps. I also found a kid safe web browser for iPads that I am going to try to use with this class. Third graders having Google access on an iPad with no filter scares me a bit. We will see how it works. I've also selected some Egypt themed games for them to play at the end of class time. I've worked with a third grade teacher and the media specialist to decide how best to start the process of teaching these students how to properly cite websites. In middle school, they will use NOODLEBIB to do this. We have decided to do a simplified version using the old fashion index cards so they can understand how NOODLEBIB "fits" later. I equate this to the idea of accountants learning ledger paper and pencil t-accounts before being set lose on a computerized accounting software.