Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The future of app education

Today, my second graders will be using an app that utilizes augmented reality technology (Fetch! Lunch Rush by PBS KIDS). I am excited about the future of augmented reality for educational purposes. It will allow words and images to LITERALLY come off the pages/tablets. So far, this technology has been mainly pc based but I have a feeling the great minds of appdom will be jumping on this more and more. I have a folder on my iPad labeled "augmented reality apps" and I occasionally search the App Store using this term because I see the benefits of 3d in the educational setting. I used augmented reality technology last year to show students a 3d heart pumping blood and we discussed the chambers.

I am also excited about taking my fifth graders on a QR CODE map quest today. This lesson will not only allow them to use a map to find certain points on campus, but once the points are found the students will scan QR CODES to learn more about maps at each location. At the end of the class, they will come to me with 3 facts they have learned typed into their notes page while on this quest. I am excited about today\\\'s adventures!