Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Why You Should Blog in 2017

Why people who make decisions should blog in 2017...

Silly title, we  all make decisions. But I share this from the viewpoint of someone that makes decisions that often have a direct affect on others. While I try very hard not to make educational technology decisions in a vacuum, it sometimes happens. Sometimes decisions need to be made quickly and I don't have time to bounce the ideas off the people that are implementers. This is where blogging is helpful.

1. Blogging allows others to see the thought processes behind the decisions that were made. 
2. Blogging allows others to see the pros and cons of decisions made for an institution. The weighing of the benefits versus detriments of certain decisions isn't always obvious to others. By publicly sharing your thoughts it allows a transparency for others to see big picture moments.
3. Blogging shows your humanness. To say out loud (in written word) your struggles and to celebrate your successes shows others you are striving to do your best even if they disagree with your decisions.
4. Blogging allows others to see YOU. Because I'm an instructional technologist many people often assume I think technology should be integrated everywhere all the time but I don't. Blogging allows me to show others my desire to be a balanced educator.
5. Blogging lets people in on your inner thoughts and dreams. It creates a sense of knowing and understanding of you by your often opens the doors for hard conversations and thought provoking dialogue between yourself and your readers. It allows opportunities for self growth.
6. Blogging allows you to mentally work through issues. Blog for yourself. Blog to process. Allow the process to grow on paper. There is something about putting things in written word that seems to help me feel like I'm making progress in my world.
7. Blogging means trusting. Not everyone will agree with all you have to say but you have to trust that your desire to be transparent will be accepted for both its bravery and ability to inspire others to consider things deeper and differently. 
8. Blogging shows you purpose and growth of yourself in your role. Do it for yourself, if others read it... awesome. If not, you'll still grow from the experience.
9. Blogging can lead to misunderstandings. If you feel your topic is exceptionally controversial, have someone else read it to make sure you will be heard as you intend.
10. Blogging creates a space of freedom to be real. Everyone should have the opportunity to do that on the topics of their choice.