Friday, August 5, 2016

Ready, set, start.

As I sit here thinking about the last few days and the flurry of activity to get ready for the students to come on Wednesday I can't help to be both excited and overwhelmed. iPad carts aren't ready and not everything is up and running but plans are being made, teachers are working hard, and the love of students is evident. 

I've started this year trying to keep things in perspective in terms of the big picture. I've had some overly encouraging conversations, some amazing ego boosts both from within and outside my school community. 

I've met with and instructed some new teachers on tech integration. Would I like to have had more time? sure... But just like we should always be looking for the teachable moment with students, I will do the same to meet the needs of our teachers. 

My top goals for this start are:

1. Be intentional, timely, and helpful with my tech tip Tuesday emails to our teachers.
2.  Be positive and affirming of those I come in contact with. I plan to look for things to thank people for this year- both big and small and tell at least one person a day that they are appreciated, valued, and acknowledged in their work (students, teachers, parents...
whoever!) and maybe even let them know they are loved.
3. Keep learning and growing by trying new things that will help our students. There is a lot of new possibilities on the horizon for me to learn about this year.
4. Be timely in my responses to others and strive to see issues through the eyes of others.

My word for these next few weeks is STEADFASTNESS. According to the definition to this word is "sure, dependable, reliable, constant, unwavering. Steadfast, staunch, steady imply a sureness and continuousness that may be depended upon. Steadfast literally means fixed in place, but is chiefly used figuratively to indicate undeviating constancy or resolution: steadfast in one's faith." I want to be that spiritually, emotionally and physically for our school this year as I work to grow, resolve,  and adapt to a new year of learning with new people, with familiar faces, with the past to spur me through reflection, with steadfastness in mind.