Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Caustic People and Reactions - "Rising Above the Muck"

Next Monday (July 18) I have the privilege to be a guest on the #leadwithgiants Twitter chat at 7pm ET. Our topic for that date is "Rising Above the Muck." There are often times we find ourselves disenchanted with life, more specifically to this chat- our work life. The question often begs asking "am I the problem?" 

This past school year I dealt with some major pain issues that caused my level of tolerance to dramatically decrease. I became someone that wasn't me- I was a grumpy, finger pointing, emotionally drained employee. I'm normally an encourager and try to see the positive sides of things (at least that's what I feel like I'm normally like), as the year was winding down I had to take a hard look at myself to realign myself to a more positive outlook.

But I also learned that my usual less negative outlook also makes me more passive. While I do not want to be the person I was last year, I realized that I also need to stand up stronger for injustices at times. My hope is that our Twitter chat questions will help us all rise above the muck of hard relationships, disenchantment, and inner turmoil.