Tuesday, December 1, 2015

We have Chromebooks! What sites have we been missing!

Three years ago the elementary computer lab went away so that an extra kindergarten class could start at our school. More students=more tuition! So without hesitation a switched roles from a related arts technology teacher to a technology coach. I saw it as an opportunity to step up our edtech A-game. In this role the elementary has access to 3 iPad carts, 2-3 desktop computers in each classroom, and now....what for it....A CHROMEBOOK CART.

So, because it was "Tech Tip Tuesday" (I send out little tidbits of Edtech goodies each Tuesday to all the teachers), I decided to think of ways to show teachers how to integrate the Chromebooks into their classroom. My mind started turning and I went back to 3 years prior- I asked myself, "What do I miss about the computer lab?" While integrating the iPads in the elementary school has been a HUGE success, there are things that just don't work as well on a device...hence this graphic was born. Maybe it will be a help to you as well (it's not my best graphic artwork but it's been one of those days- if you could see my mural hanging crookedly outside my office door you would understand some days I'm just a little off)!

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