Thursday, August 13, 2015

Open Letter to THE NEW KID.

Dear New Kid,

I see you. I see your concerns, insecurities, expectations, and fears. I see you wondering where that class is, who you can ask, and if you will make it there before the bell rings.

I know that you might be at this school because you had no choice- your family moved, or family circumstances changed, or your parents are looking for something better- but this school just wasn't your choice. Maybe you were quite happy where you came from and now you feel sad and overwhelmed. I hear the crack in your voice and see the tears that want to spill over. I see you. I've been that kid. I understand.

Maybe this school is a new chance for you. Maybe you were unhappy at your old school and you are hoping beyond hope that THIS PLACE will be different. I see you trying to figure it out.

Hey new kid, I see you worrying about usernames and passwords. I see you trying to figure out what in the world you will do with TEN minutes between classes during midmorning break. I see you trying to figure out where you are going to fit in. I see you being discouraged because everyone else already has friends and you feel shy and alone. I've been that kid. I understand.

New kid, I hope you find your way soon. I hope in 3 weeks you realize most of your fears were unfounded. I can tell you that I promise to be a welcoming face and a helpful teacher. I can tell you that if you just want someone to walk you there- I'm willing. I can tell you that being the new kid isn't always bad after you learn the ropes a bit. I can also tell you that people are looking out for you. We have our eyes on the new kids, we want your transition to our school to go well. We want you to succeed with us.

Hey new kid, everything is going to be alright. Be yourself, find your niche, step out of your comfort zone at lunch and sit with someone. If I see you alone, I promise to introduce you to others or have you included on the playground.

New kid, I hope you learn from this experience. I hope from now on you are aware of people that could use a friend. They aren't always new kids, sometimes it's just shy kids or "different" kids or kids that need a new friend group. Look for those kids and be a difference. Why? Because you've been that kid.

By the way, I know your name isn't new kid- I'll learn your name if you'll learn mine. :)

You are loved,

Mrs. Davis