Saturday, January 17, 2015

My One Word: The power of "LET'S"

After thinking for a few weeks about the #oneword concept being talked about so much on Twitter, etc. I have been self-reflecting a lot lately trying to dig deeper and ascertain what I needed to do to be better at what I do. As an instructional technologist, I work with others on a regular basis- other faculty, other students, other parents. This year I am looking for ways to improve my collaboration efforts with these people. My word is "Let's." There is power in numbers, strength in togetherness, growth in unity. 

According to Ecclesiastes 4:12, "Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." I want to use that concept to help others, to help myself, and to help my school.

One of my greatest joys in what I do is seeing others smile when what they are doing with technology works, or when they gain a concept they didn't know before, or when they see the benefit of some type of technology for their classroom. It is very easy in my position to say "Now do this, then do that, call me if you need any help" but for the timid or reluctant technology users, that is often overwhelming. This year I will be more purposeful in saying "Then WE will do this...this is what I will do, this is what you will do, and together, this is what will happen." The word "Let's" tells those I work with that we are in this together, all on the same team, trying to find what benefits our students the most. "Let's" tells them that we are a team working together for the greater good.

If as a technology coach I am approachable and available, I am seen as an asset to have in the classroom, not a nuisance or "one more thing to do." My desire this year is to become as much of a team player as possible. I want to show my belief in collaboration- to give and take, lead and learn, listen and be heard- all within a supportive culture of forgiveness when we fail each other and excitement when we see each other succeed.

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