Thursday, December 18, 2014

A series of FORTUNATE events that make me look like a good tech coach

Recently I've been asked, "How do you do it? You get in the classrooms and make people feel supported and they want you to come back!" I've been thinking about it. What makes my experience special? Because I do realize not everyone has the same positive experiences I do in this job description. So here is my top 20 things I think make a difference for me:
  1.  I love learning.
  2.  I love helping others.
  3. There are expectations set for the teachers I work with regarding technology usage in the classroom so I don't have to beg to be used - requirements are there that have to be met.
  4. I'm a people person.
  5. I believe in the power of relationships.
  6. I am not afraid to fail.
  7. I harness the power of social media for my professional benefit (mainly Twitter and Pinterest).
  8. I believe wholeheartedly that there is no such thing as a dumb question.
  9. I create a safe environment for my co-teachers to learn, ask questions, and grow in.
  10. The teachers I work with see the benefit of integrated educational technology.
  11. Elementary teachers use small group instruction time on a regular basis.
  12. Elementary teachers see the value of "play."
  13. I have the support and backing of my principal.
  14. I have a great working relationship with my curriculum coach who also asks the teachers "have you decided what your technology integration will look like for this unit?"
  15. There is respectfulness between myself and the teachers I work with daily. I work with amazing people.
  16. The wonderful PLN (professional learning network) that I have developed via twitter chats that help me think through issues and ideas.
  17. Professional development opportunities I've taken at TETC, GATC, and ISTE.
  18. Good listeners in my life.
  19. A desire not to be dogmatic about the way I think tech should look like in everyone's classroom.
  20. Grace.