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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Elementary iPad Enrichment Activities

Here are some iOS app options for use for when students master quickly/finish early.  These are activities that are self-correcting or easy to understand creative options.


This app allows students to work on a foreign language. Mrs. Hoffman says it would be good for Spanish in grades 2-5.


This app allows students to create a “book.” I would be happy to explain it to your students at any time.

spelling city.png

This app is a great grouping of language games by grade level for grades k-5. Students will need headphones to use.

tap typing.png

This app is a great way for students to practice keyboarding on an iPad to become familiar with where letters are. All grades.


This is a coding app for grades 3-5. Great way for kids to critically think while learning how to program.


This is a coding app for grades 3-5. Puzzler type app that teaches coding

scratch jr.png

This is a coding app geared towards the younger grades. Allow your students to create their own games or stories.

book creator.png
All students to create books grades 2-5. Watch the tutorial to learn how best to use this app.

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